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Copper, Colorado

Feb 21-Feb 26, 2016

Greensboro Ski Club

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Trip Details

Each individual must fill out & sign a separate application. Each individual must be a member of the Greensboro Ski & Outing Club (GSOC), or a member of another Crescent Ski Council (CSC) club, at sign-up & during the dates of the trip. Membership will be verified.

Each individual must register directly with our travel agent, Sports America Tours (SAT); a completed & signed application form along with appropriate payment is required for registration confirmation.

The "early sign-up period" runs 4/1/15 to 6/1/15 and is only for those who were on the 2015 Copper trip.
The "open sign-up period" runs from 6/1/15 until the trip is sold out; & then a "Waiting List" is established.

This trip is now SOLD OUT.
We have established a wait list and are now accepting registrations for said list. If you wish to join the group in Copper, please continue with registration. Once we receive your completed registration you will be added to the Wait List and contacted as space becomes available.

Personal Information

Please include your mobile phone # and an email address to assist us with communications both before & during the trip.

Your sign-up # is assigned to you based on when you submit your application and deposit. All eligible participants of the 2015 Copper trip who sign-up in "early sign-up period" will maintain their # (or improve it) provided they submit application & deposit by 6/1/15. After 6/1/15, the Sign-up numbers will be assigned in the chronological order that applications are received. The lower the sign-up #, the more priorities you have in choosing roommates, bedrooms, bed, etc. This system is in place mainly to resolve disagreements regarding accommodations within each condo.
Participant Name and Email
Please use your common name as it should appear on room lists, correspondence, etc.
If we need your legal name (for air travel purposes) we will request it in the Airfare portion of the registration process.
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Lodging Selection

Trip Includes 5 nights lodging in Center Village 2bedroom condos, located just 50yards from American Eagle Lift.
Please make your selection:
  • If you would like to be placed on the Wait List please continue with registration and an agent will contact you if a spot opens.
Please indicate if you would prefer your own bed or if you will be sharing a bed.
Note: In some instances we cannot guarantee your selection.
Bedding Preference
Roommate Preference:
It is vital that you provide specific and complete information regarding your requests. Use the box below to indicate both roommate (who you will share a bedroom with) and condomate requests.

Every effort will be made to meet individual requests, but please remember that we cannot guarantee complete satisfaction in every case. If you request a full condo of folks, please list everyone on each application after coordinating arrangements with everyone involved. Any person who requests a private bedroom will be required to pay an additional lodging fee of $336; also a $200 deposit is required at time of application/registration. If we have to assign roommates, we reserve the right to make changes as necessary. Condos available are determined by Copper Mountain's property management company; specific condo locations cannot be guaranteed.

Lift Selection

Package includes a 4 day Secret Pass, offering dedicated lift lines to pass holders.

You may choose to deduct lift tickets from your package.
Please make your selection:
  • (Trip Default)
  • Additional discount for participants 65+

Airfare Selection

We have a block of seats held on United - we must get 10 participants to use this option for the price to be applicable.

If making your individual flight arrangements (if you are planning to ride the group bus), please adhere to following guidelines: **schedule your arrival in Denver no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on Sunday 2/21/16 & schedule your departure from Denver no earlier than 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday 2/26/16.
Please make your selection:
  • Must ticket 10 or more passengers for fare to apply.

    21FEB UA5025 GSO/ORD 700A/758A
    21FEB UA605 ORD/DEN 930A/1105A
    26FEB UA263 DEN/ORD 100P/424P
    26FEB UA5022 ORD/GSO 630P/923P
Please also provide your Legal Name:
If we are issuing airline tickets on your behalf, TSA rules require your ticket and photo identification are an identical match, including middle name/initial if present. If your legal name shown on your photo ID is different from the name provided above please specify here:
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Note: Most travelers do not have a TSA Precheck number.
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Ground Transportation Selection

Luxury Charter bus transportation is provided between the airport & lodging. Includes a grocery/liquor stop.
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Ground (Return) Selection:
  • (Trip Default)

Options and Activities

Travel Protection

Protect Your Investment

We recommend Travelex Insurance Services to protect your investment.

Premiums are based on the trip price, the type of coverage selected and the insured's age.

To view quotes or secure travel insurance please visit Travelex Insurance Services (opens in new window). This link will also be provided in your confirmation email if you wish to purchase insurance after registration. Please note, most travel insurance requires purchase of insurance within a few days of your initial deposit.


Complete Registration

You must agree to the following terms and conditions in order to register:
Payment Policy:
Payment in full required at this time
A deposit of $100 is due at sign-up ($200 for private bedroom option); additional payments of $200 are due by 9/1/15 & again by 10/1/15; $165 or final balance owed is due by 11/1/15
Full payments will be accepted at any time prior to 11/1/15.

Make checks payable to SAT and mail to Sports America, 120 Stony Point Rd, Suite 245, Santa Rosa, CA 95401; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover Card are accepted for an additional charge of 3% of total trip cost. All returned checks are subject to a $25 service charge.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel for any reason after 9/1/15, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee plus any unrecoverable amounts paid on your behalf for transportation, lodging, or any other trip related expense. If your space is resold, you will receive a full refund less $50. If you paid by credit card, you will be charged an additional 3% of all refunds that need to be processed back through your bank card.
Terms and Conditions
I have completely read the Application Instructions, Terms/Conditions, & Trip Notes and accept the terms and conditions of this trip, including the payments & cancellation policy as set forth. I understand that Sports America Tours (SAT) is acting as GSOCs agent to process trip applications and collect payments for this trip. I also understand that I must be a member in good standing of the GSOC or of another CSC member club at sign-up & during the dates of this Trip.

Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement: I appoint the Greensboro Ski & Outing Club (GSOC), and its travel agent Sports America Tours (SAT), to perform necessary acts deemed desirable in connection with planning and leading this ski trip & related activities/functions on my behalf. I understand the GSOC & SAT act as coordinators only and they accept no responsibility for the services or actions of any person or agent, or any other organization rendering any services or accommodations related to this trip.
I understand that the Greensboro Ski & Outing Club (GSOC) is a voluntary association operated by volunteer Officers, Board of Directors, and Trip Leaders who have no special or professional training in the leadership and organization of this Trip as defined in Terms and Conditions. I release GSOC, its Officers, Board of Directors, Travel Agent, Trip Leaders, and members from, and agree to hold them harmless from, any liability in connection with this trip. I agree for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators to waive any claims or rights against them and not to pursue any legal action against them, for any harm, loss, personal injury whether mental or physical, or death suffered by me in connection with this trip, including, without limitation, all transportation, accommodation, skiing sport, social, or other activity. I acknowledge on behalf of myself and all minors represented herein and for whom I am responsible, that participation in this trip may be potentially dangerous. I know that there are risks and dangers involved, and I hereby assume all risks, known and unknown, of participation.

I have read and understand this Agreement, Cancellation Policy, the Terms and Conditions, Trip Description and all other applicable rules of GSOC, and agree to abide by their respective provisions. I will abide by the current GSOC alcohol policy stated in the Membership Portion of the GSOC membership directory. I am signing this document granting this release and am participating in this trip voluntarily.

You must review the terms and conditions and digitally sign via your mouse (or finger, if using a tablet device) your acceptance.

I have read and agree to these terms:

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