Dayton Ski Club
Park City, Utah
Feb 6-Feb 13, 2016



Dayton Ski Club is going to Park City, Utah in February 2016! Vail Resorts just recently took over management of Park City, Utah. They are building a gondola to combine Park City and Canyons as one resort under the name of Park City Mountain Resort. The gondola is scheduled to open the start of the 2015/2016 season just in time for Dayton's trip!

The group is staying in town near the Town Lift and Main street, so easy access to both the slopes and nightlife! Please read through the options to ensure you are customizing the package to your needs.


Amanda Perkins Sports America Representative
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The group will be staying at Park Station Condos in two bedroom/two bath units walking distance from the Town Lift and Main Street, by far the best location in town!

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The standard option included in the package is a 5 day lift ticket valid at Park City Mountain Resort, which also includes Canyons as of the 2014 merger, however we are offering the options to ski either 3 day, 4 day or 6 day for both adults and seniors, as well as an option for non-skiers. We can also provide you with discounted lift tickets to Deer Valley Mountain Resort and those prices can be found under the option tab of the registration site.

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We have secured the following schedule on Southwest Airlines. With Southwest, you get two free bags each way making it much more affordable!

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    06FEB SW3844 DAY/DEN 630A/750A
    06FEB SW2005 DEN/SLC 835A/1005A
    13FEB SW2148 SLC/DEN 240P/400P
    13FEB SW884 DEN/DAY 445P/910P

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Options and Activities

Package Activities

One Day Deer Valley ($85.00)
Two Days at Deer Valley ($154.00)



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