Destination and Dates

Sun Valley

January 15-22, 2022


Crescent Ski Week

Crescent Ski Week - 2022

January 15-22, 2022

SIGN-UP: All applicants must be a member of a Crescent Ski Council affiliated club at time of the trip to participate. Applicant's membership will be verified by CSC. Everyone must sign-up directly with our travel agent, Sports America Tours (SAT).

SIGN-UP PERIOD: Sign-up period begins June 15, 2021.

PACKAGE COST (varies):
  • Standard Package price is $1450 per person.
Other rates and options are available. The next page of the registration process shows all available lodging, & lift ticket.

Please select the organization you wish to sign up with:

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For questions about this trip, please contact an organizer:
Lisa Beregi
Trip Leader
Sports America Representative
For questions about using this registration site you can contact Sports America at 800-876-8551 or email