Destination and Dates

Crested Butte, Colorado

December 31-31, 1969


Crescent Ski Week

January 12-19, 2019

SIGN-UP: All applicants must be a member of a Crescent Ski Council affiliated club at time of the trip to participate. Applicant's membership will be verified by CSC. Everyone must sign-up directly with our travel agent, Sports America Tours (SAT).

SIGN-UP PERIOD: Sign-up period begins June 1st, 2018

TRIP DETAILS: Please read prior to registering & booking airfare.

Guests can fly into Gunnison (GUC) or Montrose (MTJ). Airport transfers from Gunnison are included in the package. There will be an additional fee for transfers from Montrose. Any flight schedule, to either airport can be accommodated.
If group air options are not listed on your registration page, and you would like assistance arranging air travel contact Sara Clemons at 800-876-8551 ext 125 or

Members of East Tennessee Mogul Mashers and Raleigh, please contact your club officers to get registered for the trip.

Please select the organization you wish to sign up with:

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For questions about this trip, please contact an organizer:
For questions about using this registration site you can contact Sports America at 800-876-8551 or email