About Sports America

Sports America is one of the largest independently owned ski tour operators in the United States focusing only on Western ski resorts. (We're certain Eastern resorts and European resorts are nice, but we've never seen 'em). Skiing is our business.

Sports America® began on February 3, 1975... as a bet. Upon finishing college the founder was challenged that, while he ran trips for his college ski club, he could not do so as a business. With $900 and a Volkswagen bug he took the challenge against his father's wishes (who claimed his son did not "own even a refrigerator let alone a business" at his age). The initial objective was to run a few group trips that spring to win the bet and, after the ski season, focus his attention on his "destined" career - a stock analyst. (This agreement eased his father's concerns). He won the bet, however the ski season of 1975 soon became 1976, and then 1977.... He has never looked back.

Today Sports America manages group trips for large ski councils such as the Crescent Ski Council, New Jersey Ski Council, Chicago Metro Ski Council and others, as well as trips for individual ski club and corporate clients. If you belong to an organization or wish to put together a company meeting, please fill out the group request form and we will contact with you.

In the early 90's, individuals that could not participate on their club's trip began calling Sports America requesting personalized ski vacations. It wasn't long before the company realized that there was another need in the ski industry to be satisfied, that of individuals traveling on their own rather than simply groups. Individuals now represent about half of the total ski business of the company.

Common to either our group or individual trips is quality. Whether you book online or call to discuss your needs, you're assigned a personal account manager. This person is responsible for not only managing your basic package, but also assisting with everything from seat assignments on the flights to all your après ski activities.

With Sports America you will find:

  • Forty years of ski expertise
  • Destination management for over 30 Western resorts
  • User friendly web site
  • A professional staff that cares

Call us today and you will see the difference.

Mike Hibbard
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