Group Travel Planning to Revelstoke

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Revelstoke Group Airfare

The easiest way for guest to access this resort is to fly into Calgary airport then take a two hour shuttle ride right to the base of the mountain or your accommodation. Sports America Staff would be happy to arrange transportation with Revelstoke Connection's who provides the most reliable transportation from Kelowna International Airport to Revelstoke.

Sports America maintains special 'bulk' airfare contracts, as well as the entire range of standard retail fares to ensure the lowest pricing for your group.  

Revelstoke Group Ground Transportation

When driving to Revelstoke guest will enjoy the scenic views of British Columbia. Visitors coming from the West will drive through the Okanagan Valley, from the east you will pass through two National Parks, flowing rivers, pine tree forests and impressive glaciers.  Once at the resort groups can use Revelstoke's Transit Shuttle.  The shuttle's fee is as follows; one-way rides are $3 per person for youth and adults; returns are $5.  

Revelstoke Group Activities

Revelstoke is the only resort world-wide to offer lifts, cat, heli and back country skiing from one village base!  Other winter activities groups can choose from is Nordic Skiing, paragliding, dog-sledding and snowmobile tours.  For the youngsters the beginning area, Turtle Creek Tube Park, and Kids' ROC activities.   Along with all the winter activities groups can also enjoy historic downtown with hip coffee shops, apres skiing, shopping and restaurants.  
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