Epic Passes 2020/21:

Crescent Ski Council

2020/21 Epic Passes on sale now!

Please choose your Epic Pass product and fill out your information!
Buy Before April 15 and Get 6 Buddy Tickets.
For complete details or to purchase please review the various Epic Pass products by clicking on the links to the left.

Pass Options

  • Epic Pass - Unlimited skiing at Vail-owned resorts. 7 or 5 days at Epic affiliated resorts.
  • Epic Local Pass - Unlimited skiing at nine Vail-owned resorts, holiday-restricted skiing at five and ten days at three. Limited days at four other Epic affiliated resorts.
  • Tahoe Local Pass - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing at three Vail-owned resorts in the Lake Tahoe basin. 5 days, holiday restricted, at six other Vail-owned resorts.
  • Tahoe Value Pass - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing at Heavenly. Unlimited, holiday restricted and no Saturdays, at Northstar and Kirkwood.
  • Summit Value Pass - Unlimited skiing at Keystone. Unlimited, holiday-restricted skiing at Breckenridge.
  • Keystone Pass Plus - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing Keystone. Unlimited skiing at Breckenridge after 4/1/2020.
  • Epic Day Pass - 4 to 7 days passes valid at twenty-one resorts. Select with or with-out holiday date restrictions.