Epic Passes 2019/20:

Nisei Ski Club

2019/20 Epic Passes on sale now!

Please choose your Epic Pass product and fill out your information!
Receive ten (10) Buddy Tickets and six (6) Ski-With-A-Friend (SWAF) tickets loaded onto your pass for friends and family! These tickets are automatically loaded onto your Season Pass. Buddy Tickets are discounted tickets that stay the same price all season long. SWAF tickets are discounted from the window ticket price, and fluctuate throughout the season.

Special Offer

Purchase your Epic Local pass here and receive a $30 USD credit towards your lodging on the 2020 Nisei club trip to Whistler. $50 credit for purchasers of the full Epic pass with no blackouts.
For complete details or to purchase please review the various Epic Pass products by clicking on the links to the left.

Pass Options

  • Epic Pass - Unlimited skiing at Vail-owned resorts. 7 or 5 days at Epic affiliated resorts.
  • Epic Local Pass - Unlimited skiing at nine Vail-owned resorts, holiday-restricted skiing at five and ten days at three. Limited days at four other Epic affiliated resorts.
  • Tahoe Local Pass - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing at three Vail-owned resorts in the Lake Tahoe basin. 5 days, holiday restricted, at six other Vail-owned resorts.
  • Tahoe Value Pass - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing at Heavenly. Unlimited, holiday restricted and no Saturdays, at Northstar and Kirkwood.
  • Summit Value Pass - Unlimited skiing at Keystone. Unlimited, holiday-restricted skiing at Breckenridge.
  • Keystone Pass Plus - Unlimited, holiday restricted skiing Keystone. Unlimited skiing at Breckenridge after 4/1/2020.
  • Epic Day Pass - 4 to 7 days passes valid at twenty-one resorts. Select with or with-out holiday date restrictions.