Group Travel Protection

Protect your vacation investment. Travel protection is provided by TravelEx.

Please note: Sports America representatives are not licensed insurance agents and are not allowed to answer detailed questions about coverage. Basic information about this travel protection plan can be found on this PDF (opens in new tab). Complete details can be found on TravelEx's site (opens in new tab).
Should you have any questions or need to file a claim the following is helpful information:
Coverage Questions: Plan ID: GCZ-1023   Contact 1-888-574-7026 - 8:00am - 7:00pm
If you have any questions about registering for travel protection on this site you can contact Sports America at 800-876-8551.
If traveling with guests, each guest will need their own travel protection registration.
To sign up for travel protection from TravelEx, please select the month and year of your departure date for your trip: